Per Diem and Special Service Rates
All CCM rates and fees are determined, set and approved by the Provost and the Office for Research. 

Billing Dates

Animal charges should post on chartstrings within 5-7 working days after you receive the electronic copy of the monthly protocol bill.  You should receive the electronic copy of your bill via email the 3rd week of the month following the billing month.  For example, you can expect to receive your May 2017 bills via email the week of June 20th.

Adding Billing Recipients

We are required to send protocol bills directly to the PI. 

The PI can send an email request to Ryan Brooks ( to request the bill to be copied to others with a Northwestern NetID and email address (e.g., business administrator, research administrator, lab manager, etc.)

The individual to be copied can make the request as well, making sure to cc: the PI in the email request.  The PI will need to provide their approval before a protocol bill will be forwarded to another NU employee. This will serve as CCM’s documentation that the PI approves the request.

Ordering Veterinary Drugs and Supplies

For items and drugs that do not require a veterinary license to purchase, we suggest you order and stock these on your own.  The on-site Fisher store in both Chicago and Evanston campuses carry a wide range of lab supplies in-house.

You can also order veterinary or lab supplies from us; however, CCM does charge an order fee indicated as “Surcharge” in the Special Services section of your bill.  There are different surcharge rates for items that we carry in stock, items that we have to special order, and orders that are urgent (i.e., needed the same day). 

How to Make Billing Changes

Changing the Chartstring

  1. Send an email to  and include:
    1. Protocol number
    2. PI name
    3. New/correct chartstring
    4. Effective date of the chartstring change. 
  2. The new chartstring will be verified in NUFinancials and InfoEd  before it is accepted and entered in CCM’s system.
  3. Contact your Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Grant Officer and ask for account codes 73450 (Animal Purchase) & 75310 (Animal Care) to be opened in NUFinancials. 
  4. To make other chartstring changes, send another email following the steps above.  Please note that we can only charge one chartstring per protocol (i.e., you cannot use one chartstring for animal care and another for animal orders, etc.).

Errors with Animals under the Incorrect Protocols

To move past charges to the correct protocol/grant, you must:

  1. Certify and document to IACUC in writing (email is acceptable) your request to move the animals retroactively. Explain the reason for the move and include any procedures performed on the animals during this time (if applicable).  This is to assure IACUC that any procedures done on the animals during the period of error are also approved under the correct protocol and that the protocol and the grant were in effect during that period.  
  2. IACUC will review your request and if there are no issues, you need to create and submit a correction journal to move the charges from the incorrect grant to the correct one.  
  3. CCM will review and give Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs (ASRSP) approval for your journal.  
  4. If  the charges were incurred and posted more than 90 days ago, you will also need to complete a “90-day exemption letter” with your journal.  

Satellite and Decentralized Care

Satellite with PI Care Rate
CCM provides caging, feed and bedding.  The PI/lab is responsible for keeping the rooms clean, changing the cages/bedding, performing daily checks, and monitoring general room conditions such as maintaining proper temperature and humidity. 

Decentralized with CCM Care Rate (Satellite with CCM Care Rate)
CCM provides both husbandry supplies and service.  In short, CCM provides husbandry care for the animals as if they were in the vivarium.